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To sell quality affordable scooters as we support and respect the legacy of President Obama

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Obama Scooter Decals will be included so you can customize your Scooter.

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Once you have purchased your scooter, you will be supporting President Obama, saving money on gas, and carbon emissions. We look forward to receiving your order for a newly customized scooter.

Elimanate The Hate! Obama Scooters 50i Prescott: 90mpg
Our Price: $2.00
List Price: $1,500.00
Our Price: $800.00
Savings: $700.00
Obama Scooters 50i Prescott: 90mpg
Show your support by eliminating hate! This tiny little button when given the chance can help eliminate hate. How is this possible? Easy, every dollar from your purchases goes to support our efforts to empower the people.
Are you a community activist that wants to convey style while making a difference? Then the Obama Scooters' 50i Prescott is the scooter you need to purchase. It offers a smooth ride at an affordable price. This is the lightest of all the scooter we offer which translates to peppy 50cc ride. The 50i Prescott is our best bang for the buck offering. The 50i is the direct replacement for our 50T.
Obama Scooters Stickers
Our Price: $5.50
Know that proceeds from every sticker purchase goes to support our efforts. You are not just buying a sticker you are supporting a cause!